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Yasha Keiko Mizusuki

Posted Sep 23, 2005, 6:23:55 PM
Yasha was the first thing I made after 6 months of total artblock...

The "orb" like thing is a magic spell he can do, in which he calls upon the element fire.

He's my sweet Demon Goat ^^

Yasha Keiko Mizusuki © rasilverstorm

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  • Sep 23, 2005
    This is a neat looking character. Perhaps we need an Anthro category here? Let me know what you think of that.

    Hmm.. I think your medium used for coloring takes away from this. The drawing is so splendid but those colored pencils don't do it justice. I suggest trying to find a new medium for color. Perhaps, watercolor?

    I have to be honest. The placement of that orb makes me think of a boob lol. That's what I thought it was when I saw the thumbnail.
    • Sep 24, 2005
      I think the anthro thing would be a good idea since I got loads of anthro's myself...

      And I'm not used to coloring pencils and thought I did quite well for not being used to them ^^ btw normally I use mspaint or OpenCanvas for coloring...

      That orb was very difficult for me too, but I wanted to show his magic so I kept it like that, in a way it also forces the person to look up close, and not to think at once about what you see XD
      • Sep 24, 2005
        Yeah it looks like the type of colored pencils you have just aren't good quality. You aren't using them wrong or anything, they are just not made for artists I don't think. Neither is MS Paint.

        About the Anthro thing. I'm gonna take this into the forum for discussion. I think we need to add a whole new array of galleries to the site.
        • Sep 25, 2005
          It's not the quality, cuz if you can handle them properly (which I can't yet since I'm not used to it) their fantastic XD

          One of my friends uses them to, and she can do magic with them...

          And about MS Paint, don't mistake in it, look at my old chibi's their TOTALLY re-done in MS Paint after scanning, they don't look bad do they?? I've worked for 5 years with MS Paint, cuz I had a crappy old comp and well... I didn't have any other drawing programs yet XD
          • Sep 25, 2005
            Well it's possible I'm wrong about the pencils because I just saw the Sailor Moon drawings by Psyconorikan and was in disbelief that she did them with Crayola colored pencils.

            I still think MS Paint isn't a good program. I think your work would look better if you got a hold of a different program. There is info in the forums about obtaining free digital painting programs. I think one of them is called Open Canvas.
            • Sep 25, 2005
              I GOT open canvas (see previous reply) and use that too... see my newest picture for that one XD