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Posted Oct 9, 2010, 3:44:33 AM

"Her family used to work in Prontera castle, but she doesn't recall because she was orphaned at an early age. She was taken in by the thief guild and grew up pickpocketing in Morroc. She was wild and rebellious as a rogue, from growing up on the wrong side of Rune-Midgartz law, but has always had strong, unyielding morals. Due to the ease with which she can relieve people of their belongings, she was recruited as a stalker by many different guilds and will continue being a mercenary for hire as a shadow chaser. She returns to Morroc every now and again to buy food for other orphans and entertain them with her harmonica. She's short and boy-shaped from malnourishment at an early age. She likes military-style jackets, comfortable shoes, and Muka-brand carbonated cactus juice. She tries to be serious, but she's full of energy and is often nostalgic about her youth."

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