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Despedida bajo la lluvia

Posted Jan 6, 2011, 1:03:04 PM

Fruits Basket is a creation of the mangaka Natsuki Takaya, all characters and story belong to her. I just took two of her charas for the sake of entertainment, and I don't will receive any profit for this. Don't sue me ><...

Yay!!, finally I finish Akito's fanart ^___^!!!
Waaaaai Akito is sooooo gorgeous *___*... it looks way moooore better in a black t-shirt than in a kimono if you ask me ><...
"Goodbye under the rain" XD ... yeah, because is that ^^. A bye bye pic to Shigure `^^´. Good bye little dog, you certainly won't be missed ò__ó!!

XD , ok, ok, I didn't have anything personal against Shigure at first when I was reading the manga ^^. Actually I kinda like his black humor, it amused me ^^.
But then... the little dog wanted the god for himself Ò___Ó... and my simpathy for him ended abruptly ¬¬...

So this is a pic of what it will have happened a little more ahead if the manga would have continue XD. I'm SURE that Akito would have ended abandoining him _._---- yeah, my dear Akito would come to sense eventually XD.

Love you Akito-san!!!! ^____^!!!
So, bye bye dog ^¬^!!

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