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Tear drop

Posted Jan 8, 2011, 11:04:48 PM


Work in progress of thumb and [thumb29124]


This not an 'official' scene in The Silver Lining, but on the Phoenix Online forums, it was requested a picture of these two in a romantic scene, and although it's not happy romantic, his is actually a scene that could've happened in the game.

So the scene is that King Alexander (Urgh- so use to calling him Prince :/ ) has fallen comatose to dark magic, leaving his wife, Queen Cassima there, waiting for Alexander's father to unlock him and his sister from their coma. This picture was inspired by Chopin's Prelude No 15- Raindrop. It's a beautiful, but haunting piano tune that fit the mood of the scene really nicely. I think in the final I may have her crying onto his eyes like rain drops, but I'm still deciding.

Posted a photographed version of this. I'll update it later with a scan when I'm home.

Alexander and Cassima owned by Sierra 
The Silver lining owned by Phoenix Online
Drawn by arkillian

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  • Jan 8, 2011
    I like the shades on this one... I never know where to shade _._...
    • Jan 9, 2011
      It's easier to think of them as shapes, not what they are. Once you simplify them, it becomes easier. I have problems with the colours to use when shading :/ I'm getting better, but my skill level lays in grey scale still ^^;
      • Jan 9, 2011
        shapes?,,, ummm, but where to put them is still a big problem to me.
        I think your pic is loveable ^^. You are already doing such a great job.
        • May 13, 2011
          Well, if you know how to shade a sphere, a cylinder, and a box, if you break all your objects into simple planes that mimick them, then it's easier. Also drawing from life helps you visualise things in 3D easier. I found alot of things clicked for me after I did two terms of life drawing.