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Posted Mar 6, 2011, 1:50:25 PM

I've thrown this around a couple of sites, might as well put it here so I look like I'm active.


So I promised myself I wouldn't be lured into Guilty Gear.

But- in my defense... no one was home, it was late, and GG was watching me from across the room with the Come Hither gloss to its shiny play station 2 case... a Lesser person would have succumbed to it long before I did.
Still, it had me on my knees in about an hour, begging for more..

So here he is, my new OTP. Eddiel Y U SO BADASS?
Ohhh the naughty things I would do to that blond and his parasite <3
fuck it, Venom can join in too.

(also, I lost my photoshop, so im back on paintshop pro for a while)
Eddie/zato-one (c) Guilty Gear
pictures (c) me

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