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Rosella the Grave digger

Posted May 15, 2011, 12:50:50 PM

Princess Rosella from King's Quest always seems to have some sort of undead grave digging theme. In The Silver Lining, they were going to have her in a Ball gown for some reason, but took the WHOLE scene out. Donno why, but I was sad cause it was a pretty dress, so I thought I'd draw it with Rosella doing her favourite thing in the world. Grave digging XD I bet she'd TOTALLY do this on her honeymoon with Edgar XD

[thumb29590] [thumb29603]

Rosella owned by Roberta Williams / Vivendi Games(?)
Ball gown by #PhoenixOnlineStudios - original design 
Media- Copic markers on Bristol board (A5 in size)

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  • May 16, 2011
    Pretty. I love the dress. ^_^
    • Jun 4, 2011
      Thank you! I've just updated a picture of the original design of the dress. They didn't post the picture directly online- just via a downloadable zip file ^^; This is the design of the dress though. I was really sad that they weren't going to use this pretty dress in the end Sad
      • Oct 5, 2011
        Aww, I agree. that is a bummer.
  • Oct 24, 2011
    Interesting name for a character. is there a story behind her?
    • Oct 24, 2011
      Yeah- she's a character in King's Quest, an old computer game that I love that's in the process of having a fan game made for it
      • Oct 30, 2011
        VERY COOL. I'm pretty new to this site and I don't exactly know what's what. Any sugestions on what writers/artists or ongoing comics I should check out around here?