Stealing His Mokomoko

Posted Jun 18, 2011, 7:00:58 PM

This is my last piece before I get to start my doujinshi 'Bound by Fate'! Hooray! 

I was originally going to make this in color with Photoshop, but honestly, I thought I would practice tones and get a better knowing of how things worked in Manga Studio so my doujinshi won't be as hard to make.

The perspective is a bit off in this due to the fact that Kagome is at a weird angle on the ground, but just pretend that the mokomoko/armor is slightly up on the trunk of the tree I suppose. 

And if anyone is reading this, does anyone know if there is a Magnetic Lasso in Manga Studio? If there is, I would love to know it would be extremely helpful. 

In this piece, all I got is Kagome stealing InuYasha's mokomoko and mocking him, is InuYasha so happy about it?  Use your imagination on what would happen next.


(c) Rumiko Takahashi

(c) InuYashaReader

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  • Jun 20, 2011
    Ah- Manga studio. I learnt that program a while ago for one of my comics at the same time as learning illustrator. I should've played around with it first too >.< Screentoning isn't as easy as it looks eh? There's alot of tricks to getting Manga studio right without printing moire effects all over the page in your final ^^;
    • Jul 2, 2011
      Yeah, defiantly. XD When I first opened it, I was quiet overwhelmed and had no idea had to get started. Lol!

      Is there a "Magnetic Lasso" in MS like in Photoshop? When I tone, I use the lasso tool and select the desired area and then use the eraser tool to erase any tone that was out of place. Is that how you tone? I'm thinking there has to be an easier way. XD

      Thank you for your comment! Big Smile I've had Manga Studio for a little more than a year and I'm still finding out many things! ^^ (I learned how to apply color finally a month ago! :>)
      • Jul 2, 2011
        There's a lasso but not a magnetic one. Well... not in my version- version 3. I usually just use the brush tool or flood fill.

        The toning process is easier to explain if you think of it as mask and unmask. That's how manga studio does it. What you're doing with the eraser is just masking the tone under it. Trust me though- this is the easier way of doing it. Old school toning had them cutting tone out with craft knives.

        Have you found speed lines and stuff yet?
        • Jul 3, 2011
          Yeah, I have version 4. But anyway I just found the "Magic Wand" tool. I think that will make much easier to select the desired area I want the tone to be in.

          Well, "layers" in MS are not like they're in Photoshop. PS layers tend to completely overlap each other (unless made transparent), but layers in MS overlap each other and you can still see the layer behind. That gives me some problems. Sad

          Thanks for the tips though. I'm still learning the program, there is a lot of stuff in here! XD Yeah, I found the speed lines. Haven't needed to use them yet, but I will in my IY doujinshi 'Bound by Fate'. Smile

          Thank you! Big Smile
          • Jul 3, 2011
            I'm not sure you understand what screen tones are fully then. You know how they are dots and stuff in a pattern? If you put another tone behind it which has a different pattern of dots it gives what's called a moire effect. It's not seeing one layer under another If you put two exact screen tones over each other it'll look like only one tone. If you stagger the two slightly you'll get an offset version of the tone.

            What you need to do is get two tones with similar dot paterns and line them up so the two are seamless. I haven't figured it out yet but Mangastudio allowes you to rotate not only the image of the tone, but the direction of the dots of the tone and how separated they are. This allows you to match the base tone to another above it without the hypnotic or streaky look of the moire effect. Wikipedia may explain it better

            Basically, Photoshop uses even colour. Cause of this it can be opaque or as transparent as you want. Screen tone is pure black dispite what the screen shows you. Your monitor can't handle the resolution the screen tone is at till you zoom it. That's why it makes it seem grey looking instead. It's not that they are transparent- they've got holes in the tone that allow tones behind it to show through. This is more noticeable if you print screen tone images. I find that it's easiest to layer grey with a tone cause you're more likely to match stuff up.

            Just... be careful. If you're using just Manga Studio for things, it doesn't mess up too badly, but Mangastudio is a very precise program and it doesn't like grey scale. Don't put it back into MS unless you know what you're doing cause image size and DPI are SO important to that program. I've learnt the hard way with the program with printing my comics. If it gets stretched or shrunk at any point, the tone could do anything, so just keep an eye on it Smile Good luck with the comic! If you want to see any of mine, they're all here Don't use me as a good example of screentoning though cause I'm bad at it XD
            • Jul 5, 2011
              Uhhh...can't you tell my Master’s degree wasn't in art? XD Lol!

              Yes, I do notice when I zoom in the tone changes into "dots". So I understood that part. I will have to find how to rotate the dots, since I already know how to rotate the tone. Usually the different tones that I use are not even close to the same pattern.

              Well, I'm glad I'm not printing it. Big Smile That sounds like a royal pain. XD

              Thanks so much for the info! I will most likely come back and reference this for future pieces and my comic. Smile There is still many things in MS that have yet to be discovered!

              Thank you! :D
              • Jul 7, 2011
                It's in the pop up menu where you change the angle of the tone. You can change the angle the tone makes as well as the angle of the tone, and how wide appart the lines of tone are. It's alot to learn, but it's the only way of layering the tones without the moire effect. Goodness knows how they did it traditionally without getting a headache. Manga studio cuts out SO much time for toning!
  • Jul 30, 2011
    Congratulations! You were nominated for a Dokuga Award! Your nomination can be found here: and your banner here:

    If you haven't had the chance to read some of these wonderful fictions, or view the art, then please if you have the time do so. Voting for this quarter will begin: Friday, August 05, 2011 and will end: Thursday, August 18, 2011 at midnight.
    • Jul 30, 2011
      Hey R0o. Big Smile

      I'm honored and all, I appreciate whoever nominated me. But I thought Dokuga was a Sess/Kag site, am I right?

      If this is the piece that was nominated, then it's Inu/Kag, not Sess/Kag. XD I would love the award and all, but I don't think this piece would qualify. ;)

      Thanks! :D
      • Aug 2, 2011
        your right Dokuga IS a Sesshomaru/Kagome site, BUT our awards do go just for Sesshomaru and Just for Kagome as well. Our new awards don't show up yet, we're still working some of the kinks out but this piece was nominated on the basis of Kagome. :3 It's still up to the fan's to vote, but your still welcome to the banner either way :3 you were nominated ^_^