Zelda Wedding Centerpiece

Posted Oct 9, 2011, 4:10:36 AM

I haven't posted any art in a long while. But I have a good excuse; planning my wedding!

Mike and I are both big Legend of Zelda fans so we decided to make each of the table centerpieces at the receiption Zelda items. Here's the bomb.

Made from styrofoam, craft foam, acrylic paints.

More info in my bomb blog post.

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  • Oct 9, 2011
    Will you show us the Zelda Dance too?
    • Oct 9, 2011
      Haha. We didn't do the Zelda dance. But we did do a qwirky first dance. it's up on youtube:
      • Oct 9, 2011
        Grrr... youtube codes don't work here:
        • Oct 10, 2011
          I love eet so much. You two are so cute together XD BEST SONG!! NUMANUMAEH! <3