Dogs of War Book Cover

Posted Oct 21, 2011, 7:39:55 PM

This took probably a total of three hours over a three month timespan, and yet I failed to find a decent background for this.  I couldn't really think of one. kiss


Anyway, this is a "promotion" of M-Skirvin's(DA) InuYasha 'novel' Dogs of War. This won't be the REAL book cover, goodness no. I hope she either draws it herself or hires a professional. I'm just promoting it since her novel idea is what brought me on DA (and eventually come here to PaperDemon) and made me share my InuYasha fandom with you all.


Now for the characters:


Top Left Corner- Queen of Madness Akumuizumi, more information on her here:


Top Right Corner- Demon InuYasha


Middle Left- Sesshomaru and his "half-demon son". I'm assuming it's Rin's, but M-Skirvin never said who the mother is. I found that information here:


Center Left- Jesse Loomis, M-Skirvin's female OC who goes with InuYasha throughout the novel. Info on her here:


Center Right- InuYasha in his hanyou form with his demonic stripes. M-Skirvin likes drawing him that way.


Bottom Left Corner- An elder Miroku. I don't draw old people at all, I hope I did okay with him.  Here is the info on him in DOW:


Middle Right- InuYasha's "Dog Form".  Sorry I can't draw animals well, so I made it a shadow. 


Bottom Right Corner- The Assassin Hitojin, who is a horse demon. More info on him here:


That pretty much sums it up.  I was also experimenting with "realistic" hair. I wanted to give it a go. Some I'm happy with, some could have been better, but I learned a few things while doing it. wink




All brushes used can be found here:


M-Skirvin’s Page:


(c) Rumiko Takahashi

(c) M-Skirvin

(c) InuYashaReader

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