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I can has Tiger and Bunnyz

Posted Dec 17, 2011, 10:58:43 PM

Wanted to give drawing some Tiger and Bunny fanart a go for a while now since it was introduced to me. Oh- the long weeks between episodes >.< 

Anyways, my first fanart of a fandom is always based off official art so I can get the feel for how the character translates in my style- SPECIALLY converting anime to my style. Funnily enough, the art style has alot of similarities so it wasn't too hard. Just their hair. Their hair is insane T.T

I'm a bit upset that my scanner killed all the saturation of my new tan copic marker :/ I had to fight to get the saturation in Tiger's face back up :< *sighs* Well, this is the reason you guys gotta meet me in person. Mah arts has has betterz IRL!!

So this is Barnaby 'Bunny' Brooks, and Kotetsu 'Wild Tiger' Kaburagi


Media- Copic marker on bristol board. A5 in size.

Side note- Power suits are a b@#$h to draw.

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