Head of Medical Operations

Posted Dec 25, 2011, 3:39:52 AM UTC

Submission for the Cybertronians (deviantART) September Challenge.

Ratchet's design is influenced by the G1 and IDW designs, with a large helping of me doing whatever the frag I wanted to do. :p

Since the challenge was about putting one of our favorite Transformers into the opposite faction, I pulled Ratchet's look and an excerpt from the fic I'm working on, where all of the Autobots have become Decepticons. This was a nice scene with Ratchet being annoyed enough to come across as Decepticon. XD

*If you're having difficulty reading the white text on the image (white on black and certain fonts are hard on some eyes):

A groan escaped from the mech on the table. Ratchet offlined his optics for an astrosecond while he reined in his temper, then brought them back online and stared hard at the medical personnel huddled around the patient.

“All of you are incompetent,” Ratchet said. His voice was low and flat as he fought to keep his emotions in check. “I will handle this. Leave.”

The head medic scowled. “Incompetent?” he fumed. “I-”

His protest cut off as Ratchet grasped the mech by the throat. “Incompetent,” Ratchet echoed. “And unbelievably stupid. Leave, before I demand your head as a trophy, and don't let me even hear of you practicing medicine again.”

Megatron smirked as the group fled. His optics followed after the medic who'd dared to argue with Ratchet; he considered giving Ratchet his trophy despite the hasty exit the mech had sought.

Ratchet noticed his gaze. “Leave it, Megatron,” he said. “I'll deal with the fool if and when he dares to defy me again. My concern right now is with their patient.” His optics quickly scanned over the figure lying prone before him and focused on the mangled leg seeping energon. He scowled as he surveyed the darkened work area. “I need another pair of hands,” he griped. “I suppose this loathsome excuse for a hospital doesn't even have any interns on staff.”

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