Once upon a Nightmare

Posted Feb 23, 2012, 9:52:32 PM

Final of [thumb31688]

Story behind this picture:-
Bryan (left) has just come back from a possible future where the Drakobitus, a spirit of pure evil had taken over the world and forced his father to kill him and himself. After living his whole life running from his nightmare, the Drakobitus, he's now faced with a younger version who hasn't committed any true crimes yet. this picture is a 3 tiered picture. The present with Bryan facing off the Drakobitus with his Father in his arms. The second tier is his father Blaze protecting him from Drakobitus. The far background is Alex (Blaze) and Edward (Drakobitus) as teenagers. 


I'm trying out a meme where you redo an old picture again. I decided to go back 10 years in my past to when I was just starting out my current art style. I use to colour all my art in coloured pencil back then cause I didn't consider any other methods as possible. I had a computer, but Paintshop Pro was a horrible program to colour in with a balled mouse. Man- old school XD I also had a lame as hand scanner that was slow and wobbly as f@#$. You kids now days don't appreciate your flatbed scanners till you use one of these, and I was using a REALLY good hand scanner too.

Anyways, the picture. For those of you unaware, I've been writing forever, and one story I did was a medieval fantasy story called Dragon Twins. You may've seen the characters pop up though. The guy with the crown is Bryan, in his arms is his Father, Blaze, and he's looking at his arch nemasis Drakobitus. There's alot of time travel involved with this. It's best to read Final Sunset to get this picture more. 

I've changed a few poses in this to better match my current skill level, and the current canon of my story. i'm kinda glad I'm going to redo this picture cause although I love it, there's alot of irky layout issues with this picture, and the polychromos are WAY nicer pencils to work with than the student ones. I'm using the same colouring method with this that I did in the original though. For continuity sake 

Media:- Faber Castel Polychromos on Hahnemuhle stella card

Original image

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  • Feb 24, 2012
    i really like this it brilliant and beautiful aswell i really want to be able to draw like this.
    i dont know what to say really its that brilliant.