World Beast (1st Sketch)

Posted Nov 7, 2005, 5:02:06 PM

First concept art for my 'World Beast'.

I got entered by some Art Department Head into an Animania competition, where I'm a super late entry who has less than half the time to complete this PLUS I'm going off on holiday later this month.

Damn you Art Head! I suppose I should be flattered, but you know, I didn't WANT to join the Art Elective Programme for a reason! That is, I DON'T WANT THESE CONTESTS!

Anyway, it'll be my first foray into Flash, and I'll prolly not be able to complete it on time. But I like the personal challenge.

Plus, if it totally doesn't work out, I have this wicked idea of doing a stickman movie, just for laughs!

Anyway, composite composed of:
a) Bison (shoulders, frontal spine, chest)
b) Dog (fore feet)
c) Cat (back spine, backlegs)

Head is just a vague scribble. I'm still putting that into concept.

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