Posted Oct 7, 2012, 2:30:22 AM UTC

I'm saving up to buy an artist tablet, a new computer system, and possibly new art software(I currently use GIMP for my digital artwork), therefore I've temporarily abandoned using GIMP and other software based mediums for my art, and went back and re-learned the basics for coloring with pencils. These may not be the best, but they're ALLOT better than back when I used color pencils before I started doing all my coloring digitally, and in my mind at least they look much better than my digital ones as well. So for now I'm sticking with doing everything by hand, scanning, and posting. The only digital editing I do now, is enhance the colors a bit, since in the scanning the colors come out slightly washed out and faded compared to on paper, therefore I darken the image and brighten the colors a bit more. However I do no digital editing of my images beyond that.

I had a week long project that consisted of drawing, redrawing, and hand coloring each of the main MLP characters as humans. This one is Rarity

Stylish as always wearing simple skin tight shorts, that aren't TO short, and a lovely light lavender single shoulder top that matches her hair quite well. I placed her Cutie Mark just above her hip.

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