Posted Nov 25, 2012, 1:55:54 AM

HOORAY!! This is my first work made with my brand new Bamboo Tablet!! I used Corel Painter for this particular picture, and plan on making more and learning to use the other softwares that my tablet came with.


This is the result of a conversation between my older sister and myself. We were talking about a Zombie apocolypse, then got onto the topic of cloning, then dinosaurs, and my sister said something about a dinosaur with a leaf on it saying "Does this leaf make me look fat?" and I told her that would be the first picture I made and posted with my tablet when I got it. Well here it is :P Isn't it cute?? I was torn between putting the leaf on her back or head, but decided to put it on her head. I think it looks cuter that way, but I do want opinions, what do you think? Do you think that it would have looked better with the leaf on her back? I'm not going to change it of course, but it's always interesting to hear what people think, and what opinions they hold :)


I'm just SOOOOOO Happy to FINALLY have a tablet!!! YAY!!!! :grin:

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