Green Lantern Chibis

Posted Jan 7, 2013, 11:02:45 AM

Felt like drawing something happy with all the flat hunting drama going on so I decided to draw Simon Baz meeting the current Earth Green Lanterns for the first time. Simon has the most hilarious OMG expression in the comics- cracks me up XD (I should've made my first fanart of Simon a proper drawing rather than a chibi T.T Oh well.)  

Anyways- successfully cheered me up after today's drama :D   

Roll call for those not familiar with Green Lantern:-

Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Simon Baz.

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  • Jan 9, 2013
    Say, in Justice Force it is John Stewart..? I know I saw him somewhere, actually (that's why I was really confused when I saw another Lantern, I was like "Uh whut, is the the same guy..? What's going on? D= " Yeah, totally confused XD; )
    Aaaand.. I think once i saw a totally completely different Lantern another time...? Ah no, it was probably another superhero, I just mixed up things... ^^'
    It was a Justice Force guy too in a cartoon, wierd alien guy, but he had no green just another similar ability... I wish I'd remember his name XD;
    • Jan 10, 2013
      Justice Force doesn't look like a DC comics thing. IF you said Justice League then that's a DC thing in which it could be John, Hal or Guy (cause they never make cartoons or movies of Kyle T.T Simon is only a few months old so he wont have anything yet.), but not Justice Force. There's a few cartoons Green Lantern could be in- there's the animated series, Justice league, and Batman Brave and the Bold.Not sure what Justice Force is though :< Sorry ^^;
      • Jan 26, 2013
        Ah I see.
        Sorry for messing up these, really not following any of the stories, maybe Justice Force is a non-exsistent thing or maybe it was a parody in a TMNT series I mistook it...? Not sure either. ^^'
  • Jun 6, 2013
    They look great, mate.
    • Jan 8, 2014
      Wow- I'm late to reply to this... sorry! I was totally busy for most of 2013 T.T Thank you Smile They're all my precious little babies TuT Poor Simon has no idea what he's gotten himself into joining them though XD




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