Strip Poker: Aftermath

Posted Jan 28, 2013, 2:19:34 PM UTC


“What do you mean the door’s locked?” Aquene asked incredulously.

“I mean it’s locked or jammed or something and I can’t pick it,” Isamu huffed. kicking at the door. He’d been meaning to get the door to the office fixed but forgot. The windows were always an option, but they were just a bit too high up for comfort. The household staff had been released early because of the winter solstice that night.

Aquene crossed her arms. “Can’t we break the door down?” she asked, eyeing it even as she asked. 

“It’s reinforced,” he answered, giving the door a kick. He heard a sad sigh from her and gave the Equalist a look.

“I was meeting some friends to go into town tonight,” she said. They’d been planning this for weeks. Isamu had wanted to go out as well but the door malfunctioning put a damper on the plans. Aquene sighed slowly and shook her head. “What shall we do until the staff come back?”

“Games?” he suggested, earning himself an odd look from her.


It seemed that the cards he had found in his desk being coupled with alcohol for a game of poker wasn’t the best idea. Seeing as how they had nothing to bet the pair started with clothing and worked from there. So far a sizable pile was built up on his side and Aquene was left only in her pants and chest bindings. He still had everything save for his socks.

“I swear, you’re cheating,” she groused playfully, a smirk tugging at her lips.

“You’re the one that can’t keep a poker face,” he countered.

“I still think you’re cheating.”

“Less talking, more stripping,” he said. “Wraps or pants.”

She looked down at the royal flush he had and her own pair of card she had. “Fine, fine. Keep your pants on.”

“And lose yours,” he said without missing a beat.

“You wish,” she laughed, her hands undoing the chest bindings. As they were added to the pile of his winnings he stared, his mouth salivating just a little. “Like what you see?” she asked, leaning back as she grinned at him.

It must have been the alcohol in him that prompted Isamu to lean forward, his lips brushing against hers. “Very much, munchkin,” he answered before capturing her lips once more. 

She smiled into the kiss as she cradled him to her body. Their game of cards was forgotten for now.


When morning came so did the staff. They were curious as to why there was a chair propped up against the door hand to Isamu’s office, and why it was tied off to a door across the hall. The butler cut the string and moved the chair. When he looked inside he closed the door quietly, laughing to himself.

His young master and Aquene were curled around each other with Isamu’s jacket as a blanket. He knew by the clothing spread on the floor what had happened, and it was probably thanks to whoever trapped them in there. A knowing grin from a maid was all it took to figure that one out.

No one from the household minded, though. After all, it got the heir to finally relax some.

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  • Nov 29, 2018, 11:28:42 PM UTC
    Love the context, and providing a backstory, nice gentle and romantic piece, thank you, Your characters no doubt had fun. Cheers




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