Beautiful Nightmare

Posted Aug 4, 2013, 10:47:22 AM

Been coming up with concepts for my Chasing Starlight fanfiction, and trying to finalise Coma’s power set for the boss battle at the end of the story, and how it works with Kyle’s abilities as a Green Lantern, and eventually as a White Lantern. This picture was me trying to get back into drawing again, and throwing out more ideas for Coma’s costume. She’s undergone a lot of changes since I last drew her, and although I wont say much, one thing is certain is that a Black Lantern ring gets stuffed onto her finger at some point.

Still haven’t decided if I want to make her a love interest in the story or not, but she’s in the works :) Till then, I hope to make her a strong character that I’d want to read more about in the comics. Here’s to hoping she turns out all right

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  • Dec 7, 2013
    Oh, I have no idea about this women but it's just... wow...! Impressive and intriguing for sure! *,*
    Is she your original character? o.o
    • Jan 8, 2014
      Sorry for the delayed reply- I've been SUPER busy with moving for the first time 4 months ago, then 2 conventions and doing a charity comic Dizzy Currently she is an OC of mine but I'm still deciding on if she's definitely an OC or if I end up making her an established character, cause either option is available to me cause we only see her face. Thank you though- I wanted to play with the concept of these two rings being in play since the DCU have given double rings to a few characters in the past Smile Thank you for your interest TuT
      • Mar 23, 2014
        Please don't apologize, I'm always happy to recieve an answer and probably no one understands more than me how it is when life comes in. >,<
        I hope you are settled now and everything goes well. Corky Smile
        But wow, charity comic? Sounds cool. How was it? =D

        Oh oh I see. I'm not that familiar with the rings but I did see some parts in DC movies with red and purple rings. o.o
        The ply with the colours and lights did turn out nice for sure! ^^
        • Mar 27, 2014
          The charity comic is posted in the Red curtain section cause it's pretty tongue in cheek. IT was very fun to make TuT I was drawing hushicho hushicho 's character Sugartits and Honeydrawers XD I was allowed to do a costume redesign and what ever I wanted with the characters so I went to town ^^

          The rings with the GL series i s sort of new. Well... the yellow one isn't, but Geoff Johns kinda made it all part of a legacy and made the whole ROYGBIV of rings to go with it. It's pretty interesting stuff, and it's all based on light primaries which is cool Smile Violet is Love, and Red is rage. Green is will power Smile The idea is that if you feel that emotion, you can create stuff with it if you have the correct ring Smile The GL in this picture ends up getting all of ring colours and becomes a white lantern- a lantern of life. Green Lantern makes a great visual dynamic with art Smile Sort of like how Tron does Smile
          • Mar 29, 2014
            Oh I see. Corky Smile
            I rarely check on that part, I kind of forget... ^^'

            Ohhh.. I see! o.o
            It's pretty cool, I very much ike the concept and especially the white lantern thing. ^^
            Yes it's cool visual with the lights, I enjoyed it in Tron as well for sure! =D
            • Mar 30, 2014
              Yes Green Lantern has always toyed with light hue shifting ideas and stuff. It's really nice that it's all tied up into a neat little canon rule set for us now rather than people scraping pieces together out of nothing like they use to Smile