Reference sheet: Firal

Posted Mar 4, 2016, 4:06:40 PM

My second go at a character sheet and it's for the other "main" character in my story~  Like with Rune's ref sheet, all information for her comes from the story's midpoint, where all the groundwork has been laid and the adventure can really begin.

Since she favors very simple clothing, it's difficult to do anything memorable with her, but the ombré fabric for her dress is something I am happy with; now I'll  have to try to dye some like that, myself.

Other complete sheets in this character series:


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  • Mar 6, 2016
    I really love the design of her dress- it's pretty Smile Her necklace looks like a star sapphire crystal :)
    • Mar 13, 2016
      Thanks! And good--it isn't actually one, but it's supposed to remind people of it. XD Star gemstones are a recurring thing in the story and hold some importance as magical artifacts.
      • Apr 11, 2016
        Oh- cool! What kind of magical properties do they have if you don't mind me asking?
        • Apr 14, 2016
          Not at all ^^
          They exist in a world where magical artifacts can only be made with gemstones. There's a common belief that the purer the gemstone, the more power it can contain, but that comes from a failure to understand how their magic actually works. Magic is sort of a fading antiquity in their world, with mages getting farther and farther from the original power source, so there's a lot of information that has become muddled through the years. Mages who follow the old way know asteriated gemstones are the best for enchanting, because the rutilation inside the gems creates a clear pathway for the energy flow to follow. ^^