Lurid Amber - K_Pepper contest

Posted Jun 18, 2016, 1:55:23 PM

My coloring, alien landscape outline by K_Pepper on FAC, who used it as the topic of an attempted contest. Unfortunately the context seems not to have worked out very well this time, but I still loved interpreting K_Pepper's work and playing around with this color-scheme.

I chose to see the landscape as a place which would not likely be very friendly to human life - although perhaps to some other sorts - and teh crystal structures as something like amber, preserving the bodies of megafauna from times past. I thought it might be entertaining to have the edges browned or "burnt" - almost as if the picture itself had been hit by the landscape's heat - rather than leaving them blank and white.

I'm a little unclear if "authorized coloring sheet with some user alterations" is considered a legitimate submission here or not - let me know if there's a problem, please!

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