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Posted Jul 24, 2016, 11:01:18 PM

Acrylics and custom cut brushes. Cuz I'm broke af.

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  • Aug 9, 2016
    Interesting look, with the torn layer of skin hanging off it like a mask and the one glowing eye.
    • Aug 21, 2016
      I'm so glad that you saw that. I was afraid the look wasn't right. Thank you for the comment! I will be paint some more stuff after I am done moving x3
      • Aug 22, 2016
        You're welcome. Smile And I hope your move goes smoothly!
        • Aug 22, 2016
          Me too, it was sudden and chaotic @____@"

          But hopefully I can settle here at least until I know I am eligible for Canadian permanent residency. x3
          • Sep 3, 2016
            How are things coming along?
            • Sep 19, 2016
              Life decided to kick me in the balls, so I've just now sorta started getting things started again. XT
              • Oct 5, 2016
                Eesh! >.< Sorry things have sucked lately. Glad it's picking up again, though.