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Far From Home

Posted Nov 1, 2016, 8:37:59 AM

Peregrin Took from Lord of the Rings. I turned it into a sort of book mark. It was done completely in Prismacolor pencils but the border was done with GIMP. This is Pippin missing Merry and the Shire and worrying too as he has a lot to worry about for such a young soul. :(

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  • Nov 3, 2016
    You colored the hair and chain mail wonderfully, nice piece Smile
    • Nov 3, 2016
      Thank you! It was my first chainmail so I'm glad you like the way it turned out. Grin
  • Nov 4, 2016
    I like the lighting on his hair - and I Love the whole "brooding over the battlements of Minas Tirith in Tower Guard uniform" thing you have going. ^_^
    • Nov 4, 2016
      Thank you very much it was the result of many attempts. I went through a few versions before this one. Its rather old.Smile
      • Nov 4, 2016
        Pleasure to see some nice LOTR stuff, old or not. Smile