Posted Dec 5, 2016, 9:12:21 AM

So the lovely MissButlerArt was kind enough to let me expand on the species of her character Hole, from this adorable comic, and create my own "hole face" OC to be in my JR canon. :heart: Both pictures are the same character wearing different clothes and with their hair styled differently.

This is Mavis, a member of a species I'm now calling Rupans.  Here's a little bit of info on them:

-Mavis (original name cannot be spelled in English).
-19 years old.
-They/them pronouns.
-Hear through audio disks on the sides of their head.
-Only makes vacuum cleaner noises, but can read and write in English, which is likely how they chose their English name.
-They're going to be a part of Julie's main team.

I'll make a little species sheet for Rupans when I can! x3 I want to spend a little more time fleshing them out first.

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