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Posted Feb 15, 2017, 2:42:51 AM

~I'm a little teapot...~ 
    This was actually something I finished at the end of my last ceramics class, in the May of tlast year, but I didn't get around to taking a shoot of her until a couple of days ago,  mostly because I wanted to show how she's an operational teapot by having water coming out - cause she's a sEA DRagOn, which is the whole point why I made her as a teapot.  And cause she has a perfect build for one, but I digress, because otherwise I'd dote too much.
    This has her older patterning since it was made months ago. I spent forever making this one, I went in early and stayed late to class a good half dozen times to work on those marks. Making a sculpture of a character is hard, because you have to understand their look in a 3 dimensional way- and then having to sculpt it while being mindful not to close the tunnel leading from the face to body is worse, so I'm pretty proud of this one. I took literally a dozen pictures of her while she was hooked up to a hoze lol.
    Made with Sculpture White stoneware clay, with Speedball underglazes brushed on while still green, and fired at Cone5 in an electric kiln.
    *Fun Fact: I didn't plan on it, but she turned out to be a left-handed teapot. Really, if you try to grab her by her handle (her tail) with your right hand, she is the unwieldiest thing, but it feels quite nice when the other hand is used.

Art and character belong to me. Don't steal.

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