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Posted Feb 22, 2017, 4:11:43 PM

This is a parody of an old sketch made by Alex Ross (see it here).

I had this idea in 2012, after watching Couples Retreat. For who didn't watch it, Darkstar finds a way to visit Legerdomain and Charmcaster falls in love with him. He pretends to love her in return, but 

he's just using her to become powerful. Of course that Ben's team rains in Darkstar's parade.   There were some scenes that hinted (discretly) that Charmcaster and Darkstar actually had sex, sooo... 

Ben: “Hey, wait a minute! This baby is… Darkstar’s kid? So he and Charmcaster…?!  Aw, man! I’m gonna need a therapist!”

Kevin: “Obviously, there are no condoms in Legerdomain. Tsc. And Gwen says that I AM irresponsible.”

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