Gandalf Greyhame

Posted Apr 17, 2017, 12:03:24 PM

A small (approx.8") portrait of Gandalf in acrylic paints.

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  • Apr 17, 2017
    There seem to be a lot of LotR pieces on here recently, lol. You did well on his beard- I have difficulty depicting facial hair, so I find it neat when others pull it off well.
    • Apr 18, 2017
      Well, it's a big, old, and living fandom. Wink
      Thanks! ^_^ Yeah, hair texture can be tricky. Doing it a bit more impressionistic instead of trying to get Everything in helps some.
  • Apr 23, 2017
    I love the opalescent colours <3
    • Apr 24, 2017
      Oh, thank you! ^_^