Bad Move

Posted May 29, 2017, 4:14:40 AM
... "Now I gotta show ya how it feels to get half your face blown off!  What?  Just because I'm made of ink doesn't mean it doesn't FLIPPIN HURT!"   I don't even remember all the specific plot points in the game (need to re-watch someone play it because I must have been out of it the first time), but for some reason I really took a liking to Bendy x3.  He has so much potential to be any type of character, from the happy and silly friendo to the evil demon out to suck out your soul to a vengeful cartoon character who doesn't necessarily want to kill everyone.  My personal headcanon is somewhere in between silly/fun and vengeful, but still with plenty of emotions and his own idea of "moral."  And I love a lot of the fan music for him (my faves being "Blood and Ink" and "Build Up Our Machine").  Anyway, I'm rambling.   I also happened to find out there is a BATIM fan art contest going on right now! So I'm going to enter this even though I'm not sure if my style is exactly fitting to be featured in the game lol.   Feels good to finish an art piece I can post publicly again.  I've been busy with my JR website, so a lot of my art is "secret" until it goes up.  Or rather, only patrons can see the original high quality image, and speedpaints are up on YouTube.   Bendy and the Ink Machine (C) TheMeaty Games Art (C) Me Support me on Patreon!

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