Romancing the rose

Posted Jan 30, 2018, 10:15:23 AM

I was reqested to draw my character and my friend's character being romantic together. Since the two of them haven't had a romantic moment together yet, I decided to go for a chivilrous approach with a kiss on the hand <3

Oh- and this is my second successful water colour picture. Yay me for getting the correct paper and not ruining everything finally :D

Characters:- Lucyndra Wintrish owned by Yerin

Silvyr Rose / Mordel Mandravius owned by me :) 

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  • Feb 4, 2018
    That's only your second? O.o It looks fantastic!
    • Feb 4, 2018
      Second successful one ^^; I've done some before this, but the materials betrayed me XD Hah ^^; There was a lot of bleeding and bad use of techniques. Basically, I screwed up a lot, was told I was using the wrong paper, and went OH and suddenly the planets realigned XD

      Thank you though Smile I guess me screwing up a lot helped me learn a few things so that when I had the right materials, it didn't mess it up XD
      • Feb 5, 2018
        That's a good point. Good materials make all the difference, but sometimes mistakes are the best teachers. XD
        • Feb 6, 2018
          Yeah- Part of me needs to be ok with making mistakes, but I don't want those mistakes to be out of my control Smile
          • Feb 12, 2018
            I totally understand what you mean. Easier to learn from them if you know what you did. XD
            • Feb 22, 2018
              Totally Smile Cause I'm using the right materials, and stuff is workign better, I'm not starting to discover things I could do better. I got an Olive colour a week ago, and I'm not mixing better skin tones for my character (he's meant to be olive- not pink), and I think with a bit of practice, I'll train my eye on how to mix the colours right. I want to sort that out before I go too far into techniques.
  • Jan 31, 2018
    Congratulations for being successful at watercolor! It turned out great!
  • Jan 30, 2018
    Nice going, and tight shadow-work on his arms. ^_^
    • Feb 4, 2018
      Thank you Smile I really like how those turned out ^^ The water colour's bloom effect looks super cool there Big Smile