Posted Feb 17, 2018, 12:34:05 AM

Trying for a clay Reepicheep. Feb 2013. I should have another go at this sometime... And/or finally give the little guy a decent paint job!

(Here ya go, LadyLionheart.)

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  • Feb 21, 2018
    He's a cute mouse, is this your first time with the medium?
    • Feb 25, 2018
      Um - not my first, but I hadn't tried any mammals in a long time - a lot of more patterny stuff that only needed to look good from one angle, and a series of tries at birds.
      • Feb 27, 2018
        That's very fair. Things that work from one angle are very different to make from those that are meant for all angles. For me, there's always that one angle that is lacking in 3d art, it can be annoying heh, though I still love clay.
        • Feb 28, 2018
          Even with the lopsidedness I feel it might be cool to color the little guy at some point. Smile
          • Mar 7, 2018
            I'd love to see it if you do~
            • Mar 12, 2018
              I'll keep that in mind. ^_^
  • Feb 22, 2018
    Sweet wee mouse TuT
    • Feb 25, 2018
      Heh. He might get in a huff of offended dignity at that, but yes, he is. Wink
      • Feb 28, 2018
        D: Would he prefer being a strong wee mouse?
        • Mar 1, 2018
          Probably! ^_^ Brave would also be good, clever would be acceptable if probably less accurate. Wink Pairing a size-diminutive and sweet at the same time would probably sound too much like Not Being Taken Seriously As A Warrior By Other Species Because Size, a topic on which he tends to be highly sensitive!