Gag Reflex

Posted Apr 12, 2018, 6:54:09 PM

I was working on reference sheets and such and chatting with a friend, when Easter being April 1st came up and he asked if I was doing anything with my mischief baby. After a moment of realizing that was a *fantastic* idea that I should've came up with on my own, I got straight to making this!

Here, it looks like Darion (brown) has fallen for one of Vaquor's (blue+tan) smaller pranks! As good as big pranks are, sometimes the little ones can be gold. If you are unsure what is happening, that bowl is Darion's drinking bowl :) :) The little guy is absolutely loosing it, he's so adorable!

Art wise, I tried tackling a fall setting (thus leaf piles), but I don't feel too great about it I guess? I don't mind that the piece isn't very vibrant, but it feels off- probably because I'm still figuring out the cell shading style. Despite that, I like it, especially on the character front~

Art and characters belong to me.

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