femgeeks 1a

Posted May 20, 2018, 11:42:32 PM

I've always loved the idea of girls doing geeky, powerful things -- even before I had ever really encountered any, even before I realized I was one of them in January 2000. I felt they had to exist somewhere. This was the first of two or three emblems I came up with in 1998 to express that feeling. They could eventually become t-shirts or other merchandise, though they'll need a little tidying.

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  • May 25, 2018
    This is a nice concept. it might be nice to make a nice vector graphic out of it. What do you plan to do next?
    • May 25, 2018
      I could do a vector graphic for the "clean" look, or I could give it a treatment more like... (oh ffs, Spreadshirt is showing the designs on a male model. >.<) https://www.spreadshirt.com/tall+girl+with+a+deep+voice+dark+lines+men-s+premium+t-shirt-D598f08c2aa0c6d097aca02b1

      I don't know why it's not showing the default purple background or the women's-cut shirts I originally put it on... but I did that with sharpies, in two separate layers combined in Gimp. (There's also a version with light lines; that's why I did the outlines and the colors separately.)

      (One of these days, I'd like to do one-off merch printing properly. I've used two different services, and they were both confusing and difficult.)

      It's hard to muster much enthusiasm for properly producing a design when none of the ones I've already done is selling, though.
      • May 25, 2018
        Also, I don't know how a single closed parenthesis turned into a smiley. (The new app has a preview mode and editing, I hope?)
        • May 26, 2018
          We don't have preview or editing in the new ui yet. i'll add it to the backlog though. great suggestions!

          Also I think the emoticons work better in the new ui. the new ui didn't turn your parenthesis to a emoticon.

          You mentioned in your email you couldn't see your replies. This is because in the old ui, replies are collapsed. You'll have to click "view replies". But if you look in the new ui, all comments are expanded so it's a much better experience.
          • Jun 1, 2018
            If you don't yet have a really solid text-management system planned for the new app, that's something I'd really like to work on, eventually.

            Example 1: for collaborative universes, it would be really nice to have collaboratively-editable pages (like a wiki, but maybe with more granular access rights).

            Example 2: It would be really nice to be able to weave images (with some size control) and text together in a controllable way, like I did with my Art Narrative page on the HypertWiki https://wiki.hypertwins.org/Woozle/art

            It should be possible to link to any piece of text, revise it, preview the changes.

            I realize this is a bit of a large project in its own right, and there's a lot of more urgent work to do before we get there (and there simply might not be budget for it), but I thought I should mention it.
      • May 26, 2018
        oh yeah i meant to comment on the style of the shirts. those do look cool. yeah i understand not having the motivation when others haven't sold. i've had not much success with my own merch either. but then again you could argue that it's good practice anyway and the more you do it, the better you'll get at it Smile