Posted Jun 21, 2018, 10:22:07 PM

I'm fairly behind with art on this site, but I took part in mermay when it was happening :) This was one of the first pieces I put up of my mer peoples.

This individual is a member of a largely nomadic race of mer, known as Niovmer or Krayimer, depending on where they are.. They have thick, blubbery skin like cetaceans to insulate them in the cold water they are best adapted to, and cephalopodan tentacles for grabbing fish and holding objects and youths. They have pale scales, except for the red patterning on their throats and chests. Unlike the tales deep inland peoples tell, they (and all mers) lack hair completely. This individual is using a symbolic pose, arms crossed and tail curled, a warning to of danger.

Fun fact, my mers don't have a female/male sex, but they do have two different sexes, though they are far less distinct. Because of this, they have no gendered pronouns in their languages, and those give them a lot of difficulty when learning other languages

Race and art belong to me.

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