1st Anniversary

Posted Oct 7, 2018, 11:25:57 PM

I colored Inktober Day 7

I started Fairy Play last year. Let me introduce you to the characters, as seen from left to right:

Paul Summers, 19
Gay art student, loosely connected to the furry community. He's a quiet, freckled lad who plays an elf barbarian named Mikit. Favorite mythological creature: gryphon.

Duria Mauldin, 17
Lesbian high school student. She's a boisterous, slightly desperate butch going through PTSD, and plays a human rogue named Jack. Favorite mythological creature: mermaid.

Treon Logan, 20
Pansexual nonbinary barista. They're a nerdy, autistic dom fond of cute and fluffy aesthetics, and the game master for the session. Favorite mythological creature: selkie.

Daiki Hikaru, 18
Questioning art student. He is a gothic, autistic sub who doodles monsters in ball point pen. His character is a faun druid with a bear cub animal companion. Favorite mythological creature: goblin.

Winter Bridge, 12
Asexual middle school student. She has a punk aesthetic and likes skateboarding with her friends. Her character is a half-devil alchemist. Favorite mythological creature: dragon.

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