Posted Oct 13, 2018, 8:23:09 AM

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  • Dec 5, 2018
    this is so dynamic and visually interesting !! really good contrast especially the red/white/black color scheme and also the fill of the wings and hair contrasting with the solid background and blocks of color !! i also love how angular he is, very evocative character design. if anything id suggest maybe making the visible arm a bit thicker, to create more balance in the figure- the torso is muscular but the arm isnt ? overall though id give this a 10/10 !!! super nice work and very powerful to look at
    • Mar 14, 2019
      AAAAAAAA!!!! Thank you so much for the comment!!! I'll try to keep your advice in mind when doing art in this shot, I'm kinda bad with proportions haha. Thank you again!!