Dragon in Color

Posted Mar 5, 2019, 7:00:42 PM

One of my first attempts at tablet art, using the program ArtFire.

I like color.  :)

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  • Mar 7, 2019
    The sheen on the scales is intriguing, it is very glassy, both in how reflective it is and how it is broken up. It looks almost like small fractures in glass or layers of pale mica- its very intricate and lovely. How you handled the iridescence is also nice, the cool tones shift very naturally across the body.

    The choice of having the frill under the neck is different, I'm not too sure what it would be used for besides display.
    • Mar 7, 2019
      That's an interesting note, about the glass. I sort of just created it without a lot of forethought, so was curious what ppl would see.
      As for the bit under the chin, it's actually supposed to be a wing, but I didn't realize how ppl might see it more as a neck frill.
      • Mar 11, 2019
        Oh, that explains a lot, especially some of the strange parts of it.
        • Mar 11, 2019
          Again, you have provided valuable perspective on a piece. :-) unfortunately this is the only other piece I have that I do not have the original file for, yet again. Otherwise I would want to go back in play around with making the wing more obviously a wing.
          • Mar 13, 2019
            That's understandable, though unfortunate nonetheless. At least future pieces can benefit from it though Smile