Lin 2,0

Posted Mar 18, 2019, 10:30:42 PM

I finally redesigned my internet face! My ability to design has developed with my art style over the last three years by leagues- so looking back on my previous sona, I realized that it left a lot to be wanted, especially in the field of colors. As much as I love blue, it was so over-saturated it felt like an eyesore (oops), and the patterns felt incredibly tacked on and didn't work with the design much at all.

At first, it was just going to be a color overhaul, but then I remembered my undying love of lindorms, and how there aren't nearly enough of them, thus 2.0 is born! The design kept a several of the traits it had before, like the sail wings and the shape of the snout, but a lot that made little sense were thrown out (six legs aren't the best in mountains, lol). I won't have to worry about saturated colors anymore either- I had't figured I'd end up with a grey sona, but I'm enjoying the contrast it has to the colors, as well as those gradients to white and black. The blue is still here, but the aim now is to match a clear sky, as is the brown, in a much mellower variety (but that aqua is gone for good, thanks). The mask is a bit tacky, I know, but I didn't want to put a pic of "myself" up without it, I'd be breaking personage lol- there is a face under it, but it will only be seen on the ref I keep to myself :)

Art and sona are mine~

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  • Mar 21, 2019, 12:19:52 AM UTC
    I don't know how much of a constructive critique I can give for this, lol. I know very little about how to do this kind of work and maintain a color palate, etc.

    But I had to comment anyways because I Love it! And I'm so fascinated by the concept of your 'sona!

    It makes me want to finally create an image of my own 'sona. I've always known what it is (as I'm sure you have), but never put it down in color.

    I love the motling on your wings and the horns are beautiful. Can you move around on the ground as well as fly? Do you move like a snake? How do you launch into the air? ^_^
    I'm strictly old world euro-dragon, so I've no idea how this body would work compared to four legs and two wings, and I'm so curious!
    ((hugz)) For a fellow dragon!
    • Mar 21, 2019, 12:24:55 AM UTC
      Ok, should have checked ((hugs)) were ok, even if digital, but I was so stoked to meet a fellow dragon I got over-enthusiastic. *sheepish*
      • Mar 26, 2019, 3:58:23 AM UTC
        The thought is appreciated, though I'm fine with that. Smile It's great to have another dragon artist in the community, I was away from here for a while and when I came back and saw another contributing artist and I got excited too. :>
    • Mar 26, 2019, 3:52:48 AM UTC
      That's fine, one's understanding and preference in color design is always changing and growing, as are all aspects of art Smile

      I'm very proud of the design, I hadn't meant to go so extensively into it but I'm very glad I did! You should draw yours out, I'd love to see it. With mine, I looked at a lot of reference material, from real world animals, to landscapes, to designs and palettes that I enjoyed a lot. I also think a lot about where I want the dragon to live and how to adapt it well to the environment. That thinking is what inspired the shifting chest plates and textured palms, both of which are parts I enjoy a lot.

      My sonas have changed a lot over the years actually- my artistic and design ability has grown a lot, as have my tastes. I've gone through a lot of different iterations and sonas. My first was half sona half character, so she didn't fit me well and was mostly just edgy lol! She was the traditional build (4 legs, 2 wings- I call them drekis for a lot of reasons, like how there are a couple builds of dragon that are older that also come from Europe, my kind being an excellent example), and many sonas of mine have been drekis as well, though not all. Lin was one of the first I decided to thoroughly redesign instead of discarding to create a new one entirely.

      Thanks! I included the molting as a homage to the previous design, and because I love blue and it works for camouflage well. I move around very similarly to a snake, and the extending plates on my chest can help me scale mountain sides by gripping small protrusions and rough patches of the stone, as do the rough scales on my palms. The easiest way for me to get airborne is to do this and launch myself from a steep slope, though I can "dash" across the ground and spring into the air if that is not convenient. I fly in a ripple kind of motion- the wave creates vacuum zones in waves that help me achieve lift like how traditional wings do in single flaps. :>

      I've always loved dragons of many body types- I was drawing amphitheres, drakes, and more before I even knew the names for them! I like the different aesthetic and physical aspects they can produce, it gives a expansive amount of freedom and room for contemplation. Smile

      As to how a lindorm of my kind would compare to a dreki, I'd say I would cover distances on the ground slower, but would have a faster spring. Due to all the muscle for movement, my tail would have a much harder hit, but would be less useful for fineness things such as waving and holding things. Lifting things would pose a greater challenge due to how low my arms are, but I could hold things much easier as I move since my arms aren't my means of movement. A dreki is likely faster in the air, but I would have the upper hand in turn speed and agility.

      If you ever want to experiment with other kinds, drakes and wyverns are a great place to start Smile

      • Mar 30, 2019, 3:32:54 AM UTC
        Thanks for the awesome response, I enjoyed reading all that! Lindorm, so more referencing the front arms only with serpentine body, got it!
        And yeah, I've drawn lots of different types of dragons, drakes, wyvrines, I particularly like winged serpents. I Think I may even have a drawing of a winged lindorm somewhere, though I didn't use your interesting wing build (and I don't think I knew that it was called that at the time, lol, I feel you on that one).
        I also enjoy gryphons and... Oh, let's be honest, even though I am a dragon I just love drawing anything with with wings (and putting wings on things that don't have them)! ^_^
        • Apr 11, 2019, 3:46:48 AM UTC
          Yup, the alternative way to draw them feels more like wyverns to me- that or it doesn't make sense why they'd "walk" when most of them is still dragging along the ground. Plus, I really like snakes Smile

          I mentioned those because of your comment that you were more of a traditional dragon person, it would be neat to see some of your other dragons up here too. I came up with the term sail wing myself, I haven't seen the wings or a proper term for them bouncing around the dragon community.

          I can relate to that, things usually look cooler with wings, though i still love my drakes and wingless lindorms~