Nappa the Bouncer

Posted Aug 20, 2019, 6:42:13 PM

I did this for The Princess and The Heiress, a Vegeta and Bulma community. They are working on a new website where they'll have some content restricted to 18+ and I volunteered to do some artwork for their page.

This took way too long to finish. I fought with it a lot. It's mostly where I want it to be but I was ready to stick a fork in it and move on. But it's still pretty good. Experimented with a different sort of style here. i struggled mostly with the combination of lighting and showing the line work on Nappa.

"Club Jiita" is a reference to Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater's Jiita Clothing Line.

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  • Aug 20, 2019
    This would be a perfect job for Nappa if he ever gets reformed.