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Posted Sep 5, 2019, 4:20:11 AM

Ikadi's new design! She still is sort of a dreki, but more of the knucker type :heart:

Before I started redesigning her, I was actually still content with how her design looked, but I was very unsatisfied with how it meshed into her genetic heritage... or more accurately, how it didn't at all. I spent months (I think it was February actually) trying to thoughtfully explore how her design, so it would work with the dragon lineage I have established for her, incorporate aspects of said lineage that were not thought out at the time I made her previous look, and continue to improve on the design in general. Along the way, a lot of features were dropped, like those air drag ears, and new ones that I hadn't anticipated came to be, like that fun facial spike/horn, as I worked out what I wanted her strengths to be, as well as weaknesses, because she's steadily moving out of the realm of s00per c00l good-at-everything Mary Sue- because characters are boring AF without weaknesses and she was lacking in the field, let none say that there is no benefit to sitting on a character for a few years haha.

Another thing I did was simplify her design- instead of having 2 sets of stripes, she has one that has 2 colors, which makes a big difference, as well as things like making them symmetrical in several spots, implementing patterns... I'm still a glutton for punishment when it comes to designs, but I am improving haha. In this piece specifically, I was having fun with that long noodle of a body she has. It came to my attention that my gallery is almost devoid of anyone in flight (it happens when 1/2 of your kids are too young to fly, and 1/3 of the other half is wingless, woops), so this is part of my effort to combat that~ Also, morning lighting is fun too.

Art and Ikadi (formerly Khat) belong to me

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  • Oct 8, 2019
    Oh, really cool, I really like how she is poised, gliding at this moment above the turmoil of the clouds with some action going on around her. The coloring and stripes is also very pretty, almost looks like she could blend into a cloudy sky viewed from below and far away.