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Posted Mar 28, 2020, 12:44:54 AM




About Cole: 

  • Happy go Lucky
  • 9 (nines) are on her thumbs
  • Clingy (she gets attached to people very easily)
  • 4'9
  • 22 years old
  • Bubbly 
  • works at a cafe
  • Likes: Bagels, Photography, Dogs, Artsy Stuff, Writing 
  • Dislikes: Dark Colors (she's more into pastels and soft colors), Being Left Alone, Running out of film
Purple is her favorite color if you couldn't tell
She's nonbinary (she/her/they/them) 
She loves bagels so much she named her dog Bagel. 
Her small apartment is full of paintings, photos and other art stuff
I really wanted to make a marvel (Spiderman / though she's not a spiderlady) oc since I recently watched Spiderman into the spiderverse (I really love the art style of the movie and the characters were amazing) 

I'll explain her story more later 

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