Posted May 7, 2020, 6:44:20 AM

»Name: Angelo Vargas
»Alias: Angel
»Age: 25
»Gender: Male
»Origin:  Human -Mutant , African American and  Latino
»Languages: English, Spanish

»Orientation: Bi but leans to females

»Physique: Muscular but not over the top hulk muscled.
»Height, Weight: 6’2” 210lbs Fluxuates

»Personality: Coincident, Confident, Stubborn, Caring to the ones he loves or strong friend ship to. Loyal to those as well. Cocky, Nonchalant quick tempered. Despite his fashion sense Angel will get dirty via either fighting or drug deals. He often uses his latino tongue to sway the ladies. Hes a charmer when he wants to be.He can be quiet sometimes and roudy the next. He\'s not afraid of a little brawl but prefered not to get too violent he likes his pretty face.Though with phasing abilities and gravity he tends to keep his face and body a bit cleaner then most.

»Appearance: He is naturally tan due to his lineage. He is very fashionable and cares about how he looks. He is well kept and clean. His hair is dark brown with lighter brown highlights pulled into a cornrow Mohawk. Occasionally he will wear it down but not often. He has tongue piercing, Labret piercing(one right under your bottom lip). Two sets of eye brows piercings , three sets of ears, nipples pierced, and Prince alert. He has subdermal implants on his fore arms small bumps down each fore arem. He has one running down his back under his shirt. He has  8 small ball implants around the head of his man hood and 4 down under his shaft, He has a large tattoo on his back of a white angel wing and a black dying wing. He is found with accessories on like watches, bracelets and necklace to match outfit. He usually wears nice button down shirts which can be buttoned or unbutton with a muscle Tank top underneath and wearing casual pants with a belt. He does not sag his pants. He works out on a regular. He has scars on his face from being a bouncer and bad drug deals. He had accidents on his motor bike luckily nothing too severe a scar on his neck to collar bone is the result. Others are either knife fights or battles at bars.

»Talents: Mechanic(mainly motorcycles)Strength he takes proud in looking the part with the muscles but also using them. Good moves. Fashion sense. Parkour, he is a very good street racer on his bike

»Powers: He can Phase his body through things. He can paritally phase by just phasing part of his body. If he touches it he can phase objects, body parts,or whole bodies.
He has the power to manipulate gravity making a small area around him to have high gravity which makes things extremely heavy or even break things or people under its weight or have no gravity at all and float people, objects or things.

»Brief History:  He grew up in middle to lower class part of the city. His older brother Josh and him were inseparable and did everything together. They went to the same schools and  he fell into a gang around 17yrs of age with his brother Josh. Learned a lot about motorbikes and became a rather skilled mechanic. He often made side deals to get cash on the side.Besides a mechanic he became a bouncer for afor a few years and did some small drug deals. His older brother and him would get into trouble. One day his brother and he got into a fight where his brother died being stabbed at a club. Angelo ended up stabbing the man who severely injured his brother. The man that stabbed his brother lived with his multiple stabs that Angel gave him. Angel went to jail for the stabbing but ruled that it was self defense. He loved that lawyer. His father was not proud of him or his brother but the family was grieving over Josh and Angel took it really hard. Marc his younger brother was prohibited to go out with Angel fearing he too will go into gangs and his parents wanted to prevent that. Angel was in the mist of the gang life and helped him though hard times and wanted to make a name for himself so he is striving for that. Though due to some gang disputes and  some hard decisions. He left that city and left his family to get some piece and not to worry about him.  He now is on a adventure of his own. With his powers, mechanical and other skills he is positive he will do fine.

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  • May 7, 2020
    Hahah- he knows he's got it XD Very self confident Wink
    • May 18, 2020
      Thank you. I am very happy it shows through sometimes facial expressions and silent language is hard to portray.