Posted May 13, 2020, 9:55:09 PM

I'll sit here and lose my seconds, knowing you've let me waste that much of your precious life away.

Art of the elusive Gimrur. This is one of the first digital pieces I've made that show him in normal lighting, which is certainly overdue. The amount of branches in this might or might not have actually killed me in the process of making this, haha... they took at least 5 hours to do :') But I'm very proud of a lot of things in this, another big thing I focused on was texture- I've made efforts to include it before, but I wanted to take it up a notch and really play with it, make it painterly and expressive, while remaining more of a texture than brush stroke.

As for Gimrur, while it might look like he's in trouble, he's practiced climbing trees to the point where he's excellent at it. He wanders where he shouldn't but isn't unprepared to escape the dangers that lurk there.

Art and Gimrur belong to me~

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  • May 23, 2020
    Oh wow, I love the perspective here! The texture of Gimrur's skin is really nicely done, and the detail work you've done with the tree branches and leaf piles is impressive! That little squirrel is too cute. Lovely work!
    • May 25, 2020
      Unusual and extreme perspectives are challenging but the results can be very much worth the effort, so I've been meaning to use them more often. I'm a big sucker for detailed backgrounds, but sometimes it ends up being a lot more work than I anticipate, haha!

      You're the first person online who's commented about the squirrel actually, I suppose it's very good at hiding in plain sight, a useful skill for a small mammal in the woods Smile Thanks!
  • May 21, 2020
    I love the purple/green combo! looks so good!
    No dragon dinner for you wolfies, better go chase a rabbit instead!
    • May 25, 2020
      Those two colors can be difficult to get to behave well with one another, so I was pleased when I managed to find the right tones to make it work, thanks Smile
  • May 21, 2020
    I love the perspective! The way you portrayed it with the wolves on the ground is really neat~ Lovely work!
    • May 25, 2020
      I don't usually draw wolves, so it took me a couple times in the sketching phase to get them where I wanted them, thanks!
  • May 20, 2020
    The perspective on this is amazing!! Great work.
  • May 14, 2020
    beautiful composition. lovely colors.
    • May 15, 2020
      The concept ended up more challenging than I anticipated, but it did turn out well. Thanks!
  • May 14, 2020
    I really love your trees!