Ira Nisidious Alexies Wrath

Posted Jun 1, 2020, 8:16:39 PM UTC

Ira Nisidious Alexies Wrath

Age: 48

Species: Demon

Gender: Male

Ira grew up with 6 siblings, all raised without parents in a forested section of the world, learning how to fight, hunt, and fend for himself. At the age of 18, all of them seemed to just stop growing up as fast, discovering their demon powers at that time. Ira, the runt of the litter, stopped at the age of 12, now only looking 15. 
He discovered fast that he enjoyed the human world, keeping his more human-like features. Coffee turned out to be a fast like for the tired demon, though he found a heavy dislike for cats, nasty balls of fluff that took every chance they could to attack him. He's never learned if he likes the hospital or not, so far it's only been cats that disturb him, and he's not allergic to those. He can just do a quick patch-job and go on his merry way!

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