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Name: Braxten Levian
Age: 150 (looks late 20s)
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Height: 6'5''
Hair: Red, blonde tips/ highlights
Eyes: Blue

Biography Prompts.
Braxten enjoys traveling the world and different realms. He rather enjoys different settings and the people he he finds along the way. This reminds him when he was growing  up he would travel with his family every so often to new places. He grew up in different major cities and was tutored by his mother learning different education and how to harness his powers. As his father  was a rather knowledgeable mage  he was summoned to help out different kingdoms.  He was close to his parents as friends didn't usually travel with him.

Braxten was born from two magicially inclined elves. His father a Sorceror and his mother a Mage. They saw their son's potential as he grew and trained him at a young age when he showed some powerful properties. His bones tend to glow and is seen through the shallow parts of the body. Like the cheek bones, elbows and fingers. He had to grow and learn how to control it. Though it gives off heat and can increase this with his will to heat up water or metal items. Though tries his best to control his powers. As they traveled around Braxten grew up teaching him control.  His parents did have another son and  though his brother showed a different taletn.  He would help his younger brother with the parents.

As he got older they stayed in a kingdom a bit longer then most places. He would get into some trouble with not so savory people. He trusted a bit more and started his ego was growing. He thought he could do anything.   He went off with some older kids and young adults. As he was a young sorceror's apprentice he thought he was ready to tackle a big adventure. He ended up biting off more then he could chew . Ending up taking home something that was more powerful the he anticipted. During his work with the artifact  with the mix of his natural powers he lost control at the worst time as his younger brother was with him. He was trying to observe but in the end. His younger brother ended up perishing after the incident.  His parents devistated and rather upset about the situation and carelessness Braxten showed created a rift between the family.

After  being sent away to finish up his schooling and training away from his parents. He would accompany adventures out and help them with his abilities for a price or if the adventure led to wealth he tag along for the promises of the portion. 

He has become a rather powerful sorceror as he has been practicing since he was young. He keeps his knowlegde close to him and only shares with a few of his close friends or people that are in dire need.  He tends to travel on his own  but likes to have company on occasions. Despite his solitary travels he tends to get along with most people. He adapts to his surroundings and scenarios for the most part. Other then short replies his parents still haven't forgave him and his relationship still needs to be mended.


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