The Great belt of belongings

Posted Jun 13, 2020, 7:11:45 PM UTC

Advice is welcomed, I'm not used to draw item, I decided to take my time and not rush it, but I think I could have done a better job with the textures, it doesn't feel right or as it should be (the artwork is pretty XD that's already something)


Brief description

The great Belt of belongings is a refined leather belt that is carried a bit higher than the regular belt. Sturdy and studied to fit any adventurer's need, it's Aiden's most faithful companion.


Why does Aiden carry it around?

When traveling, Aiden loves practical and long-lasting accessories. The great belt of belongings fits perfectly their need. Aiden bought the belt to a traveling merchant. It was love at first sight. Resistant, fashionable. Their first purchase with the money they gathered from a long and dangerous expedition. It was like a reward send by the odds. Also a sign, it would be better if their healing items were reachable faster. Since they bought it, the belt never left Aiden's side. The belt can be upgraded with more bags or weapons attached to the metallic rings, it's versatile and grants easy access to resources such as emergency dagger, purse, or potions. Most importantly, it keeps the precious clickety clackety dices and trinkets safe. Indeed, Aiden is quite a random object hoarder. They believe even the smallest lost object can carry a soul and has a story to tell, they will pick up and home lost belongings they find lying on the ground and keep them as lucky charms or souvenir of a trip.



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