{SGII} Fire in the Lake

Posted Jul 30, 2020, 9:18:25 PM

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Good day!


I wanted my posts to be chronological but we can't have everything lol I'm too tired to post all of my art right now


Here's a collaboration with my good good amazing pal Shan for our SGII Fun in the Lake entry!!

Ft. our Mime Dogs Cereal ( theirs ) and Mist ( mine ) running to a lake to set it on fire

Because setting things on fire is Cereal's hobby.


I highly doubt they succeeded but Cereal finds ways to burn annything so I wouldn't be suprised if she did.


I had a whole lot of fun with this!!!! And Shan did an amazing job with the coloring I love it aaaaa


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Cereal © TheShrubsArt

Mist © SheepMomther

Art © TheShrubsArt [ color ], SheepMomther [ sketch, line work ].

Mime Dogs are a closed species ARPG by SheepMomther

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