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  • Cover for Group Camping Trip

    Group Camping Trip

    Rewriting a character meme I did years ago into an actual story, switched up the characters a bit and changed a few scenarios. Neo is dragged along on a surprise camping trip with her friends, resulting in quite the weekend.

  • Cover for Athena and CloudChaser Tribs

    Athena and CloudChaser Tribs

    Tribute set for Athena and CloudChaser.

  • Cover for The Wraith's Lament: Retold

    The Wraith's Lament: Retold

    A retelling of The Wraith's Lament event for DracoStryx from the views of some select riders and their stryx belonging to me and my friends. Neo/Jade belong to 6ftDemon Haseo/Nyx/Ruin belong to Helianthe Raisa/Nutmeg belong to Tlyatara

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  • Grand Slot Raffle (CLOSED)

    Oct 21, 2022, 7:51:05 PM | 14 Comments | 4 min read
    Neo’s Grand Slot Raffle Hosted by 6ftDemon (credit to Ihmislehma for the original idea!)   Contributors You can donate your stryx's slots to the event too! Just let me know who you'd like to
  • Dracostryx Community Event Interest Check!

    Jun 9, 2022, 10:56:43 PM | 4 Comments | 3 min read
    Just a general interest check for members of the stryx community, but I've been thinking on a community event idea of sorts, and would like some opinions and thoughts!   First off, the idea was
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