[Tokota] Caving Roll 1

Posted Aug 9, 2020, 11:00:56 PM UTC
                                                             Estimated Time of Completion: 45min
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(2/10) Rolls for CelestialWolf66  This is probably my favorite one out of all the ones I am doing.  She got a rock, dad is disappointed lol.  Ahhh, thank you for letting me take my time on these, I had some other things i needed to finish up first, but now I'm full force with this payment. I got four rolls done today :)  Their coats being so dark I had to go back over the black lineart with grey so you can see the detail, this is why I'd never get black ARPG characters, but they are cute and like father like daughter, I guess, they are very similar.
                                                                            Art (c) AlfaDragonRulez
                                                                         Characters (c) CelestialWolf66
                                                                           Payment for CelestialWolf66
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