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Posted Oct 29, 2020, 5:05:14 AM UTC

Arcus - enhanced wyfex - 25 years (visual)
eyeless (yellow-orange screen interface) - reddish orange mane

- - - - -

    Tall, red and careless, Arcus is a force to be reckoned with. She used to be a co-worker for Igraine, but Arcus got reassigned multiple times within the company before being fired. While she is very prone to violence, often needless, she did not have the qualities the company was looking for in an employee. She simply did not care, only wanted to smash some heads and get paid, which more often than not resulted in countless numbers of casualties.

    Today Arcus is a freelancer mercenary. She will fight and kill anyone or anything, including those of her own kind. She's not afraid to challenge even beasts much larger and more dangerous than her, but knows when it is time to bail. On the other hand, she does have a shotgun. She has been a familiar sight on the City's side during riots, which has lead many living in the Slumme to believe she is a permanent addition to the force; including Maxuss, who has been tossed around by her on the field more times than he wants to admit.

    To Arcus' headache, the freelancing business on her area of expertise is not as lucrative as she would have hoped. With her addiction to virtual drugs, gambling and hefty debts to multiple sources, her current job only barely holds her head above the water; and she is sinking deeper every day. While she is aware of a solution, she is not too excited about it. She knows what people are like when they get excited. Having her insides pop like a crushed grape just because someone got carried away does not really tempt her. Selling her mount has crossed her mind a lot more than once, but in doing so she would lose the essentially costless travelling vehicle she needs to keep her head afloat.

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