Human Mare

Posted Mar 30, 2021, 1:44:27 PM

Finally drew a human in ages :'D I suck at the anatomy, but I think it turned out quite decent.

His actual profile:

Name: Mare
Human body age: 34
Actual age: Unknown

Mare is a demonic creature with demigod like strength, but in a human body he can hardly do anything. To even get to a body he can inhabit he must destroy his subjects will to live and then he can move into the body absorbing the actual person in the same time.
This body is actually dead and only Mare's spirit is keeping it 'alive'. Mare is capable of leaving the body, but then it will becom lifeless and the decomposition process will start, and the more he leaves and re-enters this body the faster it gets making it practically inpossible to keep it alive forever since after a while the rot will be too strong to not to be noticed.

Mare's only power he can keep with himself in the human body are his 6 bead size orbs that are always precent and can't be removed from his body. These orbs are warm to the touch, but are not sizzling hot like in his actual form. These orbs are capable of exploding, but in a much smaller scale.

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  • Apr 14, 2021
    It's a grim method of becoming corporeal, but.. we all do what we must, hm? How long will he last in this form?
    • Apr 14, 2021
      I guess if we want to fit in, we must do anything we can to achieve it. >v>
      I guess as long as he wants to stay. He can leave and re-enter anytime he wants if his powers are not blocked by some higher power, but he will get kicked out of the body if it's lethally damaged or some core organs shut down.