Charlemagne DuFondonte

Posted Jun 1, 2021, 12:44:41 AM UTC

Charlemagne DuFondonte


48 years old

Hair color – n/a

Eye color – Yellow

After a demon summoning went array, baby Charlemagne was discovered on the grounds of the DuFondante’s in a chared summoning circled surrounded by scorched summoners.  With no heirs of their own, the aged couple took him in as the inheritor of the DuFondonte fortune.  Growing up wasn’t easy for Charlemagne due to his physical differences and stuttering, but this didn’t stop him from becoming the most accomplished writer and storytelling in the village.  He now works as an English professor at DuFondante university and volunteers at the library ruins teaching the impoverished how to read and the speech challenged to speak openly and unencumbered. 


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